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Recent Game I had with a great friend of mine, thought Id share what happened:::

Oh, I know I said 1k, but the armies are around 1k (we made it even dont worry :p)

My Army::

Celestine (well before she became a Saint that is)
-Blessed Weapon, Inferno Pistol, Frags
-Jump Pack, Cloak, Book

10 Battle Sisters
-Flamer, Heavy Flamer
-VSS, Brazier, Bolter
-Rhino, Extra Armour, Smokes

10 Battle Sisters
-Flamer, Heavy Flamer
-VSS, Brazier, Bolter
-Rhino, Extra Armour, Smokes

8 Seraphim
-Hand Flamers, Meltas
-VSS, Evisertor

5 Dominoins
-2x Flamers, Imagifier
-VSS, Combi Flamer
-Immolator, Extra Armour, Smokes


Thanatos (see Below)
-6man Command Squad
-2x Power Weapons, Apothocary
-2x Melta Gun

10 Tactical
-Plasma Gun, Lascannon
-Sergeant with Combi Flamer

10 Tactica
-Plasma Gun, Lascannon
-Sergeant with Combi Flamer

2x Dreadnoughts


Basically a Force Commander with::

Fearless rule
+2 Attacks
Death Scythe (Master Crafed Lightning Claw causes Instand Death)
T. Honours, Adamantium Mantle, Iron Halo

He costs around 200-300 points (cant quite remember)


So to the report:::

Terrain - pretty open with a few hills here and there and some ruins (urban desert terrain)

TURN 1:::

I went first, my sisters zoomed up the field keeping behind cover

My opponents marines moved to better posistions and took some pot shots at one of my Rhinos, but failed to do anythign

TURN 2:::

My Rhinos zoomed up the field again and deployed their Sisters -- which promptly opened fire wiping out both Tacical squads, the Seraphim and Celestine jumped into the nearbye Dreadnought, destroying it combat - Celestine consoldated into the nearbye ruins and the Seraphim used their 'hit and run' to get behind some nearbye cover

My opponent, shocked by what had just happened moved his Dreadnought and Thanatos closer to my lines, his Dreadnought opened up on the nearbye Sister squad killing 3 of them, Thanatos and his guard obliterated the Domionoins, leaving 1 left alive - but failed to charge them due to one melta gun wielding marine being in too much terrain slowing him down.
However, the Dreadnought charged into the Battle sisters, who were praying for procetion from the his holy Emperor, and failed to kill any of them - where as the Sisters threw their grenades at the fiend stunning the mighty warmachine in its place

TURN 3:::

Celestine and Seraphim jumped over to Thantos, with Celestine getting caught on some rubble loosing a wound on the way. The unoccupied sister squad went of the capture a table quater. Celestine and crew opened up on Thanatos killing all but Thanatos him self.
The Seraphim and the Celestine charged Thantos - dispite their best efforts - at the end of the combat only Celestine and Thanatos remained --- the dreadnought in the other combat though killed of 2 Battle sisters leaving 5 left, who once again threw their grenades into the dreadnought destroying it utterly

My opponent, distrought with the outcome went for the glory and into Combat we went

Celestine went first praying for swift guidance and priotection from the emperor (Invul save and +2 I) and struke first - 3 attack hit home and all but 2 were saved by Thanatos. In return Celestine took 4 wounds but saved them all thanks to the Emperor.

Combat resolution ensued - 2 wounds to 0, Celestine won and outnumbered Thanatos 3 to 1, cutting him down

out come of the mission

My 2 table quatres to his 0

Massacre for the Sisters of the Emperor!

Overal a disapointing game (( i killed him too quickly )) -- well I say disapointing, my friend utterly enjoyed it (to the point someone loosing all those models that quicklly can)

For those that dont know, me and my friend have long rivalry spanning nearly 12 years in this game --- and every rivalry we've had has had some story to it::

  1. Old Blood Angles (Him) V Older Khornate Chaos (Me) - 2 CC armies fighting for supremacy over a Barron World in the Eye of Terror (good times, 10 Cheesy Berzerkers V 10 Cheesy Death Company = 24 rounds of combat before we settled on a draw)
  2. Old Blood Angles (Him) V Old Khornate Chaos (Me) - As above, but some how just funnier
  3. 'Nids (Him) V Old Slaanesh (Me) - New races have inhabitaed the planet, Most games turned into a contest of who could get the most Rending in one game >.>
  4. New Blood Angles (Him) V Necrons (Me) - Blood Angles have taken over the above world to find that its inhabited with the re-awkening Necrons (funny games here, such as Death Company constantly charging my Monalith unableing to do anything to it)
  5. Ordos Thanatos (Marines, Him) V The Inquisition (All 3 =I= Ordos, Me) - Look at his Command Rhino, and you'll see what why I hunt him ;Y
As a side note, all of these Rivalries have been on our same planet of Yomi in the Eye of Terror

Heres the pic of the finalle of the game I just reported


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Forgot to put in the list - I gave all sisters that could krak grenades

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How did your sisters squads wipe out 20 marines in one turn of shooting?
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