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WhitchHunters list:
1 Canoness (HQ)
Blessed Weapon
Book of Saint Lucius
Cloak of Saint Aspira
19 Battle Sisters Squad (Troops) x 5
Bolter (x19)
1 Veteran Sister Superior @ Bolter
Book of Saint Lucius
1 Exorcist (Heavy Support)
1 Inducted Guard - Leman Russ Tank (Heavy Support)
Battle Cannon; Hull Lascannon; Heavy Bolter Sponsons
8 Retributor Squad (Heavy Support)
Bolter (x4); Heavy Bolter (x4)
1 Veteran Sister Superior @
Bolter, Book of Saint Lucius

Space Wolves:
1 Wolf Lord (HQ)
Frost Blade (x1); Acute Senses Skill
Terminator Armour [15]
Wolf Pelt [3]
5 Wolf Guard @
2 Lightning Claws; Acute Senses Skill
Terminator Armour [5]
Wolf Pelt [3]
1 Rune Priest (HQ)
Acute Senses Skill; True Grit Skill; Counter Attack Skill
1 Venerable Dreadnought (HQ)
Storm Bolter; Assault Cannon
Extra Armour
10 Blood Claws Pack (Troops)
Bolt Pistol & CCWep. (x8); Bolt Pistol / Power Fist (x2); Frag Grenades;
Krak Grenades; Melta-Bombs; Bike; Twin Bolter; Acute Senses Skill; Counter
Attack Skill
1 Wolf Guard Leader @
Artificer Armour
Wolf Pelt
1 Rhino APC @
Storm Bolter
Smoke Launchers
Pintle Storm Bolter
10 Grey Hunter Pack (Troops)
Bolter / CCW (x10); Frag Grenades; Krak Grenades; Wolf Totem; Acute Senses
Skill; True Grit Skill; Counter Attack Skill
1 Wolf Guard Leader
Artificer Armour
4 Long Fang Pack (Heavy Support)
Heavy Bolter (x1); Lascannon (x2); Plasma Cannon (x1);
Acute Senses Skill; True Grit Skill; Counter Attack Skill
1 Pack Leader
Bolt Pistol & CCWep.; Acute Senses Skill; True Grit Skill; Counter
Attack Skill
1 Land Raider (Heavy Support)
Linked Lascannon (x2); Twin Heavy Bolters
#Power of the Machine Spirit
Pintle Storm Bolter
1 Vindicator Assault Tank (Heavy Support)
Storm Bolter; Demolisher Cannon
Hunter-Killer Missile

The light green areas are forests while the gray area is a small raised area, difficult for vehicles but not troops. I set up right across the middle, about one inch between each girl. Oh and ahh... That Blood Claw dot shouldn't be there.

I won the roll and took first turn, I'm not gonna lie I wanted to be able to fire on an one of his squads with at least two of mine in double tap range. But the dice gods hate me so even with that volley of fire I might only wound two.

WitchHunter Turn 1:

Well, I moved the majority of the sisters up and the right flank Headed further right. Five Termies and fourty sisters, fair right?I also sent the Exorcist to the left to see the side of the vindicator.
The Exorcist was really on fire, Six shots at the side of the vindicator, Look at hose rolls(1, 4, 1, 1, 1, 1). I reiterate the fact that the dice gods hate me. Oh well one pen, what can it do? Well that on shot did it, the vindicator explodes and sends shards of its hull into one of the near by bikers. The Retributers heavy bolters make short work of the other two bikes. Time to see if that Russ can do anything to those Long Fangs. Nope. Well, it looks like thats it.

Space Wolves Turn 1:

I just realize I forgot one of the Long fangs in the picture, my mistake. Well My opponent powered his Rhino foreward and popped the smoke, his Land Raider also started its way across the feild. The Dread and Grey hunters moved forewars and towards the woods. Three sisters go down from bolter fire and the dread is out of range. Two Lascannons fail to do anything to the Russ and the Long fang with the plasma takes out another sister.

WitchHunter Turn 2:

I decided to let them get a little closer to me before I really did anything. The only things that moved were the exorcist and cannoness, just gettin ready for alot of fire. The retributers fired there heavy bolters inito the smoke and one one lucky shot immobilised the Rhino. The Exorcist is workin really hard today Five hits on the Dread, with three penitrating hits the dread is destroyed. The combined fire of the only sister squad with LOS and the Retributers kill Two Grey Hunters. The Russ hits with its lascannon and doesn't do a damn thing.

Space Wolves Turn 2:

The Land Raider continued foreward. The Grey Hunters ran around the dread and towards the woods while the Blood Claws raced out of the Rhino and across the feild. The Long Fangs with the Heavy bolter and Plasmacannon take out another two sisters while the lascannons do nothing to the Russ.

WitchHunter Turn 3:

I have again just held my ground, with only the Exorcist and Canoness moving. The Exorcist is a few inches short of hitting the Land Raider, so it leaves it up to the Russ. Again only the lascannon hit and did nothing. Six Blood Claws go down from two squad of Sisters and the Retributers. They make their leadership barely.

Space Wolves Turn 3:

The Grey Hunter are extrodinarily nimble and move six inches through the trees. The Blood Claws just keep running foreward. One Retributer goes down from the Blood Claws bolt pistols. Fire from the Land Raider Takes four girls down.The Terminators hit the sisters, the lord fells three and his retinue take out seven. With no girls able to strike back the two squads of sisters pile in.

WitchHunter turn 4:

One squad of Sisters moves to help with the trerminator problem as does the Cannoness. The two other Sister Squads move up and the exorcist moves into rang of the Land Raider. The Retributers take out two Blood Claws. I made DG on the two Sister squads shooting. And with Sixty-seven shots, I cant even kill all the Grey Hunters. I suck at rolling sixes. Oh well, six Faith points left. The Exorcist gets two shots and scores a full pen. on the Land Raider. The shot stuns the crew and destroys one of its lascannons. The Battle cannon on the Russ scores a direct hit on the Long Fangs Killing four, only one lascannon left. The squad of Sisters and Cannoness charges into the Treminators. All three Sister squads in close combat with the terminators use divine guidance and the Cannoness uses the Passion. Two faith points left. The Cannoness Cleaves down three Terminators and the Wolf Lord takes down three sisters. The last Terminator does nothing.The Remaining Sisters have enough to take down the last Terminator and the lord(I rolled enough sixes that time).

That was when we decided to call it.

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Good victory, he really went for the charge of the light brigade thing didnt he?
well written, asside from the fact you clearly won, be nice to see a points total at the end.
Nice try with the piccis too although I think you need a better graphics package to pull this off well


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Yeah, We were just goofing around, I wanted to se what it would be like feilding 100 sisters. Pointwise, all that was scoring was the Land Raider for him while I only had one squad at less than half strength.

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is that all of the sister list cus i didn't see nor hear any guard in that whole thing, you need to read the allies rule cus you need 2 count em 2 guard troop choices before you can take the tank.
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