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Lo guys! I just finished assembling and converting my WoC and im about to start painting them.
Now I need some advice on how to do that.
Ive been looking around the net for a good tutorial but I find it hard to imagine how they look without any pics.

Im looking for a green painting scheme, and another scheme that will fit will together with that green one (the other one is for the nurgle rot/filth/slime)

Thanks for your help guys!

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for sick looking human models use elven flesh or dwarven flesh and add a bit of green or blue or lighten it even more with bleached bone.

Green and purple, flesh washes can help as well.
Nurgle is one of the most forgiving painting schemes in warhammer fantasy and will pretty fast turn out awesome.

Mixing a lot of different colors always gives you a muddy green or brown color that you can use.
Don't be afraid of trying things out on a piece of paper/cardboard.

I've got a lot of positive feedback on my nurgle units on tournaments so i guess they aren't that bad, only i still have to finish those bases.

basic green armour:
basecoat black
darkened green
normal green
to add mud on the shields and boots and highlights on the front of the helmets i drybrushed some yellow ochre (snakebite leather?)
wash with black ink
wash with chestnut ink (or ogryn flesh)

first try out for color schemes

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I have found that combining the Khemri Brown foundation paint with the Thrakka Green wash over the top gives a lovely rotten leathery type effect. I've used this on my FW Nurgle Daemon Lord - the skin is this combination.. obviously the rotting sores are different

FYI - Work in Progress!!!

Alternately, i took a leaf out of the Army Painter effect and once painted a plaguebearer red (blood red) and then drybrushed it with rotting flesh and bubonic brown. Once that was dry i washed the whole lot in Devlan mud and the effect was rather nice

few thoughts there
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