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Wood Elf updates...?

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Will there soon be any updates to the Wood Elves...? Or has there recently been any...?
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There werent any updates i think. But there was that special scenario "battle of the carins" printed over 3 issues in white dwarf. It had rules for scenarios and games set at that perios. There were also rules for the treeman ancient durthu.
I used a Treeman as a proxy in a battle as Durthu. He is amazingly powerful.
He is amazingly powerful but 450pts is quite expensive. However he does have that unburden of thieflings that can cause units to be subject to the transmutation of lead if you score a hit. His best move in my opinion is the one when he a makes a single str10 attack casuing d6 wounds!
Yep. Good ol' Treewhack. Durthu's pretty much the only siege weapon the Woodies have... (Besides a crapload of Dryads with hooks)
I think games workshop should write rules for Adanhu, since there is all that fluff in the rule book about him being one of the oldest creatures alive. Im sure there could be some special rules to reflect is age and wisdom.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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