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Yes, I'm still playing the highly nerfed wood elves in 8th.

Here is the list I have been playing with.

Ancient with Cluster (+1 DD) 350

BSB with Silver steel armour (2+) and luckstone which allows reroll of 1 failed armour save 140

Level 2 With Scroll - Lore of athel loren 150


20xGlade Guard - Banner, Muso, banner of eternal flame 268
20xGlade guard - Banner and Muso 258

6xTreeKin 390

Treeman 285
6xWaywatchers 144

1985 total

I havent used the waywatchers yet but I think they could be good. Other posible choices are the old Hail of doom arrow alter with helm of the hunt (158pts), 6xWild riders with muso (156 - or 5 with banner and champ), or a unit of dryads or archers or even glade riders... thoughts would be appreciated. Big step for me not taking Hail of Doom, I just dont think it is so good now.

Tactics are fairly simple, Treemen and tree kin stay together and eliminate single units at a time. The archers either shoot opponents gunline or protect my flanks. If any units reach the archers, they form up into 4 ranks and take the charge. Wizard is just for dispelling and perhaps getting off some easy magic.

So far I have had 3 wins with this list but it wasn't against the hardest opponents, so I am after some help here on what I should change, or suggested tactics.

Thanks in advance

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I would get the netlings for the ancient. Change the banner on the archers to springtide. Drop the second unit of archers to 10. Get a couple more treekin. I would give up the waywatchers as you don't have the points to get enough of them. Add some dyrads to get your minimum core points.

Good luck,
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