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Wood Elves and Ogres vs. Dwarves and Brettonians

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Saturday me and a friend took 1000 points each and played a GW staff member who had less points of Bretts and Dwarves. What happened was that it was a peasentry list and they were drinking at the brewery with their Dwarf pals, when my Wood Elves got angry and hired ogres to attack those drunks. All we had to do to win was get past one of the three breweries that he was defending in 5 turns (no not the beer). Also I realized my teammate's and my list sucks, I had a headache and magic was dispelled every time.

Wood Elves

calaignor's stave
power stone
lvl 2

wild rider

10 Glade

12 Dryads

6 Wild riders
standard bearer



2 iron fists
heavy armour
gutmaw (or something similar)

6 Bulls

4 bulls

6 Ironguts
full command

3 yhetees

Dwarves and Bretts

Dwarf Lord
2+ and 4+ ward save

oath stone
2+ 4+ ward

3+ 6+ ward

10 Bowmen

20 [email protected] with halbreds
battle standard

20 Ironbrwakers
Battle Standard

flame cannon

organ gun

grudge thrower

Deployment- On the right flank was the grudge thrower on a hill. Across them was the yhetees. In fornt of the right most brewery was the [email protected] and inside it was the bowmen, acroos the table was the Treeman, the hiding spellsinger, and the 4 bulls. In the middle on a hill were the gg, infront of them was the bruiser and ironguts.Across them was the Lord and in the middle brewery was the organ gun. On the left brewery was a flame cannon, and in front were the ironbreakers. Across was the s bulls and the dryads in trees. On the left flank was the riders ready to get a 2nd turn charge (stupid).

Dwarf turn 1
move- none

shoot- flame cannon puts 2 wounds on the small squad, organ gun and bowmen do not have range, thrower misfires.

WE and Ogres turn 1
move- everyone but the gg move up their full distance

shoot- gg dont do anything

Dwarf turn 2
move- none

shoot- flame cannon finishes the bulls, organ gun commits suicide, organ gun drops 2 dryads.

WE turn 2
charges- WR into ironbreakers

shoot- gg suck, Treeman kills 3 [email protected]

assault- challenge does nothing, wr drop 3 breakers, brakers kills one in return but because of challenge, wr runs away.

Dwarf turn 3-
charge- [email protected] assault tree

shoot- flame cannon finishes the yhetees in one shot, grudge thrower misfires again.

assault- Tree is not hurt but he only kills 3 or so.

WE turn 3
charges- bulls into flame cannon, dryads into breakers, ironguts into lord, wr do not rally, how, and end up near the edge of the board

move- with nothing to shoot at gg just keep moving

assault- Bulls connect 2 times with crew (defended obstacle) and kill none. Dryads cut down 4 breakers, they kill 2 back but are otherwise fine. Lord is wounded but guts are all good. Treeman misses every shot and takes a wound but is fine.

Dwarf Turn 4-

shoot- organ gun kills 3 gg,bowmen fail to kill them, gg run

assault- One flame cannon crew dies but holds, dryads kill 2 and 3 are killed in turn, dryads run. Guts and lord do nothing to each other but treeman kill 5 [email protected] but they hold miraculously.

WE turn 4-
move- wr, dryads, and gg all rally

shoot- none

assault- nothing between the cannon and bulls happens, lord takes two more chins and now decides to actually attack the guts instead of bruiser wounding twice. Treeman takes a wound and dishes out 4 more deaths or so.

Dwarf turn 5-
move- none of any importance

shoot- grudge thrower and bowmen kill 3 gg.

assault- buls finnaly finish off crew, lord kills 2 ironguts, forcing them to flee, treeamn kills the paladin, leaving the bsb, who does not run

WE turn 5-
move- bulls take objective

shoot- I knew we already won but we wanted to see what would happen, miraculously the gg finish off the lord after the guts fail to rally..

assault- treeman ofcourse kills the bsb.

Although my teammate did not play very well, we still got the win, I hope you enjoyed the report
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Sounds good, but how did your teammate, "not play well"? From what I can see it just sounds like the Dwarf player focused most of his firepower on the Ogres, and had tremendous luck with it.
Sorry I meant to say only I didn't play well, but both our lists weren't good. A gorger would have been awesome.
I was just wondering how the dwarf player was able to take a Lord in his army. If yo only play 1000 then you cant have a Lord in your army...Unless you made some specific rules
dwarf lord is ind illegal
and another thing illegal bretts MUST include a BSB paladin he only has one pala that is the general even if he was BSB he CANT be general
No In total it was 2000 points and the Brettonian player was the same as the Dwarf player, so he just combined the two armies into onwe, they were both his. sorry about that
uhm bretts can't ally with anyone not even with their old friends the woodelfs
so the battle is illegal and there aint a paladin that is BSB so thats illegal aswell or you 2/3 had to have agreed that those rules didn't matter
Thanks for telling me this, I know nothing of Brettonians or dwarves
From the sound of it they were just having a freindly game with what models were available rather than a strict tournament game.
If you were combining the Dwarf and Bretonian Armies to make 2k then you don't have enough Core units (2k 3 min.)
zuz said:
If you were combining the Dwarf and Bretonian Armies to make 2k then you don't have enough Core units (2k 3 min.)
No, its annoying!

When building an army take the minimum core units FIRST, then pick your cool special stuff. So many armies have too many good special units...
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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