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I played two games today in a sort of three way round robin.

My list was:
mounted, spear, light armour, Hail of Doom Arrow, Helm of the Hunt
5 Glade Riders
10 Glade Guard
8 Dryads

The first game was against Dark Elves, who had a list that looked something like this:
Noble in a chariot
5 Dark Riders
20 Corsairs
full command

There was a big hill in the back left of my deployment zone, and a forest on the right hand side. I put my free forest in the middle of my zone. He had a hill opposite mine and a forest also opposite mine.

My archers were on me hill, the dryads were behind the forest in the middle, and the noble and glade riders held down the right flank. His dark riders were across from my glade riders and behind his forest, and the corsairs and chariot were in the center of the board.

He won first turn.

DE 1: He moved everything forward and tried to shoot my glade riders but missed.

WE 1: My glade guard killed 2 corsairs, and I learned that they have a good armour save; this would hound me for the rest of the game. The glade riders shoot and kill 3 dark riders, and the noble uses the Hail of Doom Arrow to kill the last 2.

DE 2: His corsairs and chariot advance behind my middle forest.

WE 2: My dryads move into the trees to bait the corsairs. The glade guard don't kill anything, but the glade riders manage to take down one corsair, and move into a position to charge their flank next turn.

DE 3: The chariot rolls poorly on its stupidity test and can't do anything. The corsairs charge the dryads and kill two. The dryads kill one corsair in response, but lose combat and flee.

WE 3: The dryads rally. The glade riders charge the flank of the corsairs while the noble charges their front. My noble accepts and wins a challenge from the corsair champion and the glade riders kill one corsair, but lose three in return. No one runs away. The glade guard put one wound on the chariot.

DE 4: The chariot charges the dryads (taking two wounds for going through a forest), killing 4 with impact hits and the other two in combat. My dryads attempted 10 ward saves over the course of the game and only made 1. My noble kills 2 corsairs and the glade riders kill 1, but the corsairs hold.

WE 4: The corsairs kill a glade rider and take no casualties in return. The noble breaks and runs into the charge arc of the chariot (fun!).

DE 5: The chariot charges and kills my noble, while the corsairs kill the last glade rider.

WE 5: Glade guard are unable to wound the chariot.

DE 6: Nothing to do.

WE 6: Glade guard are unable to wound the chariot.

Result: Dark Elves win.

Thoughts: The Hail of Doom Arrow would probably have been better served on the corsairs, since my glade riders seemed to have the dark riders taken care of. Also, if the dryads had held initially, I think the melee would have worked better for me when I charged with the glade riders in the next turn. The corsairs were a lot tougher than I thought they would be and my noble wasn't able to punch through them like I had hoped he would.

The second game was against a Chaos list that looked like this:
Sorceress in a unit of
15 Marauders
full command
5 Marauder Horsemen
10 Demonettes

I put my archers on a hill on the left side of my deployment zone, with the Dryads in the center (behind a forest) and the glade riders and noble on the right side. He deployed on the right side of his deployment zone (from my perspective) to avoid my archers.

He won first turn.

C 1: Everything moved forward.

WE 1: Glade riders killed 2 demonettes, and the noble used Hail of Doom Arrow to kill 6 Marauders, who turned around and ran. The Dryads moved up into the trees.

C 2: The marauders failed to rally; everything else stays stationary.

WE 2: Glade riders kill another 2 demonettes, while everything else advances.

C 3: The marauders fail to rally again, and are one inch away from fleeing off the board. The demonettes charge the dryads, miss with 8 of 10 attacks, and do no damage as the dryads save the final 2. At this point he concedes.

Result: Wood Elves win!

Thoughts: The Hail of Doom arrow rips through unarmoured units. The marauders failed three tests in a row by rolling 10's, which is just bad luck. It also didn't help when he failed to wound with 80% of his demonette attacks. I was in a good position after my first turn, but the dice just didn't work for the chaos player and things went from bad to worse really quickly.
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