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Here's part 26. It's a small one but I promise you the next couple of chapters will be good.

“We picked this up on a general frequency sir,” said Captain Colcutta as Chapter Master Luchetto entered Second Company’s command rhino.

The message had been broadcasted repeatedly on all open channels for the past hour. The reedy voice of a frail, old man spoke out of the rhino’s speakers on full volume, as the man did not speak above a whisper.

“This is Grigori Febron, acolyte of the St. Miras’ Cathedral in the Sixth Precinct. We have been overrun by traitor forces. Chaos Space Marines.”

Febron’s voice lowered even further at the mentioning of traitor space marines, and Luchetto was sure he heard the sound of glass shattering in the background. If the chaos dogs had damaged one of the Emperor’s cathedrals, there would be hell to pay.

“These marines came like ghosts and their attack was perfect. The bronze and black bastards slaughtered the guardsmen that were stationed here. They have fortified the location and are defiling the icons of the Emperor. They are led by a man in fearsome armor wielding a plasma pistol, power sword, and storm bolters. His men refer to him as Chapter Master. I believe his name was Damian or Dosum. They are terrible to behold, I don’t know how much longer…”

There was the sound of splintering wood, a squeal of terror, and the bark of a bolter before the transmission ended abruptly. Luchetto grimaced in frustration. If the Lightbringers were to assault the Dusk Phantoms, their foe would more than likely be heavily dug in and his chapter might very well suffer heavily losses, but they were defiling one of the Emperor’s sacred chapels and such a vile offense could not go unpunished. He knew that he would have no choice but to assault Desmond’s traitors head on.

“Captain Colcutta,” he said, “Tell the men to prepare for battle. The traitors are defacing the icons of our Imperium and for that they will burn. Let the captains know that I expect them at the command center in ten minutes. Inform Librarian Lagorio that his skills will be needed.”

Luchetto turned and left Second Company's command rhino, his right hand resting on his power sword as his cloak fluttered behind him. Truth be told, he relished the chance to face Desmond in battle once again. His left hand traced the scar down the side of his face, the one that led to his bionic eye. His brows furrowed in anger and he swore to the Emperor and Guilliman that Desmond would pay for his crimes.


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Lyran I just got done reading everything so far and let me say I think your story is amazing. I couldn't stop reading it. I really like the plot twists you've been employing, I generally have an idea where a story's going (which is sad since it comes from reading every dragonlance, forgotten realms, and old-school sci-fi book in creation *exaggeration... kinda*) but this one has me on my toes. Very original I must say, well done!

I can't wait to see what is coming up next. :drinking:
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