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Would you ever hit a woman?

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I did do a quick search but I was unable to dig up anything satisfactory.

I was curious. Would any of you other blokes out there would ever hit a woman?

Now I don't mean this as just stumbling out the door and clobbering the first unforunate you came across, but more as a personal code thing. Almost all of the other guys I know swear that they would never, ever, hit a woman. Not even to save their life they swear. :|

I did martial arts from an early age so thumping people of either gender has been something I've just grown up with. However I'm curious to know the views of other LOers, and the reasons for their beliefs as I can't get an answer beyond "You just don't" out of anyone I know.
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I think I hold the view of most guys, in that I'd never hit a woman without provocation. If they start something by attacking me, I have no compunction with preventing myself from bodily harm by any means neccessary. In Plymouth of a friday night there are roving groups of drunken teenagers who cant hold their drink and end up getting aggressive. So far this situation has only occurred the once.

I don't hit ladies. When they're women and not ladies, I have no such compunction.

This is actually part of a deeper philosophy. I believe that chivalry is due to ladies. They behave in a particular way toward us, we behave in a particular way toward them. However, when a female stops acting like a lady I quickly lose interest in being a gentleman. I'm not going to treat her as an inferior, but in fact the same way I would treat a male.
It's quite simple really. I don't assault people. I would only strike another person, regardless of gender, in self defense. I grew up practicing martial arts, too, but sparring with people is different from belting someone out of anger or whatever other aggression.

Triumph Of Man said:
Now I don't mean this as just stumbling out the door and clobbering the first unforunate you came across, but more as a personal code thing. Almost all of the other guys I know swear that they would never, ever, hit a woman. Not even to save their life they swear. :|
Now, I make a habit of routinely going outside and finding the first person that looks smaller than me and beating the living crap out of them. It makes me feel like a big man. I was all excited when I saw the subject.


I'd also like to sell you the Brooklyn Bridge and some lovely swamp land in Florida.

Seirously, I do my best to treat women the same way I treat men. I'll hold the door, but I won't open it. I won't give you my seat on the subway just because you're a woman. I'll listen to what a woman has to say just as much as I would a man, as long as you know what you're talking about. Half the people I work with are women including my boss and that bothers me approximately none at all. I really could care less what's in your trousers except for one thing, and as I'm in a relationship right now even that's not really that big of an issue. So, of course I would hit a woman; using the same exact criteria that I would hit a man. I've hit exactly one person since elementary school, however, so I don't think it's very likely for me to be hitting many more people regardless of gender.

Now, if we're talking about friendly hitting (a light bop with an umbrella for example,) I'm much more likely to do that to a man than a woman. This may just be because of the friends I happen to have, however it does seem awkward to do that to a woman. Then again, I roughhouse with my GF all the time but would probably never do that with one of my guy friends. Friendly 'violence' really depends a lot more on relationship than gender.
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I hit a girl back in grade 5. . . though I guess that doesn't really count. Anyway, if I was given sufficient provocation, I wouldn't have a problem with performing some form of retaliation, though that retaliation would certainly be fitting to the circumstance. If some random woman came up and smacked me for no reason, you can damn well bet I'll smack her back.
I am a self confessed wimp (there's no honor in beating me up)
I try my damnedest not to be hit by, and consequently to hit, anyone. Women most especially. I am not some big tough guy, I'm not some weedy but highly trained martial arts guru, but I can (and have) punched through an inch thick fence pailing or put a definate imprint of my fist in a steel cold-room door. Despite doing these things, my greatest weapon remains my mind.
I was brought up to respect women, and I do; even in the morning...if I can remember her name ;)
Seriously, I don't see why anyone would resort to physical violence in this day and age of litigation.
Since I'm a girl, I'm gonna flip this question around, so would I hit a man? Yeah, if he was provoking me, or picked the fight, I would. I would also expect that person to retaliate. It's generaly the same thing. You treat all people pretty much equally, so I would hit anyone, regardless of gender, if they were bothering me enough.

Seriously, I would not be afraid of hitting a guy, but I would probably rely on my friends to back me up. I can defend myself if need be, but I know that my friends (who are mainly guys) would stand by my side if I needed them.
Sometimes it's easier to call for help than picking a fight on your own ;)
Yes. I when am angry I can be an angry kid I could hurt people a lot. The reason I don't fight is that simply I believe that if they got me mad enough I would just keep punching them and never stop. So yes I would hit a girl (mostly from flirting though) if I was angry I bet I would do a lot of things. However normally I would just prevent myself from harm without hitting them.
It really depends on where you hit them...

If it was me and my friends hanging out somewhere and one of us gets dared to run by behind a girl and smack her on the ass, sure, we'd do it (and we got arrested and kicked out of the Ledyard fair because of it!).

Other than something like that, I would never hurt a girl annd I find it very expensive if someone expresses to will to hit a girl. Honestly, girls have a much poorer upper-body strength than males, and I don't like people who beat up on people weaker than them.

I have a great story. This guy I know, who is in my morning meeting, let's call him Tommy. Tommy wet out with a girl, let's call her Joesephine, for about a year. Awesomely, she was a hard-core judo black-belt. They split up. Tommy made a great decision to say out loud, "Some day I just want to beat the crap out of a girl, just to see what it feels like." Needless to say, "Josephine" found out, and you can guess what happened to him...
In high school a girl once upset me so much I chucked her down a flight of stairs (short one, she didn't die or anything).. However, in that particular case, despite the fact that I'm fairly self-critical, I'm not entirely convinced it was the wrong thing to do. She could be a real *****, to be brutally honest, and she made my then-girlfriend miserable.

Does this mean I'd do it in a normal situation.. nope.. Generally I try not to hit anyone, but especially not girls. However, it isn't a personal honour code or anything, I just don't want to look like the kind of person who would do that. If I felt the situation warranted it, I'm sure I'd be quite capable of doing so.
like most others, if they were acting civil then no i wouldn't.
but one swing at me, and they're on the ground... and i may or may not be on top of them, sometimes they just like it rough.

...anyways, i think the general sentiment of everyone is no unless necessary, which is probably how it is just as if they were fighting anyone regardless of gender.

Since political correctness made it ilegal not to treat women equaly, not punching them in the face is now sexist.
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If it was to protect myself or a friend or family member, yup I would.

I remember when I was a kid in grade school some 30 years ago, I girl tripped me on the ice, and then kicked my head a couple of times. I remember saying to myself: "you can't hit a lady". So I never defended myself and let her kick me.

I sure wish I defended myslelf that day.
Hmm. . . That was certainly not someone who deserves the term "lady".
I cannot hit a girl; all of my instincts go against it, and no matter how much of a ***** she might be I cannot hit her. It's....impossible for me.
If somone has provoked me to the stage of physical violence, then I dont care if they are male or female.

However, it takes a lot for me to turn to violence in the first place.
meh, if you never hit them, they'll never learn
Howdy, all. My thoughts on this are pretty simple. If violence is called for, (hardly ever), then gender is irrelevant. Anything else is hypocritical. I work in security, so, in the line of "duty", I have had to arrest females, which sometimes gets ugly. Maybe this comes from my time in the army, where you get conditioned/brainwashed that if you don't do it to them, they'll do it to you. Female terrorists have been known to play the gender card regularly and I, for one, do not want to fall into that trap.
I just can't bring myself to do it. I was raised by a pack of I mean women with very little male influence in my life. I therefore ended up with a somewhat unreasnoable view of women and my role in relationships with them. (12 years of man-bashing by midly-bitter divorced mother and her gabby freinds sort of ended up with little Edi putting women up on a bit of a pedastal, it really is a wonder I'm not gay). I have never hit a woman,even when attacked,though when attacked I am not above physicly restraining a woman in whatever way I can manage (In 5th grade I ended up sitting on a girl for 20 minutes untill she finnaly agreed to stop pulling my hair and that she was a fartfaced boogereater).While I myself refuse to strike a woman, I generaly try to keep a good number of female freinds around, so if I ever need a member of the fairer sex assaulted I can simply call one of my more violent chic freinds and have them take care of it for me. :yes:
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