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Wrath of Medusa chapter fluff

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Wrath of Medusa: Unofficial Fluff

Chrion V was a large planet covered in vast jungles and marshes. The planet had 3 moons all of which had large industrial bases. These bases produced goods for the 3 large colonies on Chrion V. Chrion V was number 5 of 7 large planets in a small planetary system. All of the other planets however where un inhabitable due to a alien race that dwelled them. This alien race was of vast power and complexity, its routes extending back to ancient times. These beasts where known as the Gorgans. These Gorgans had pale white skin with large serpeants extending from there heads. Some had been noticed to be able to breathe fire, as others could turn a person to stone with just a simple glance. This race was intelligent but lacked the industrial base to make their own weapons. A large hive fleet had landed on Chrion I and then eventually spread to all of the star system. This was a constant battle between Gorgans and Tyranids that would end up being a catastrophic war. The colonies on Chrion V have large defensive walls surrounding them with huge gun emplacements on them. The industrial moons have there own planetary defenses. 60% of the moons production is spent on artillery shells used for defensive guns at the colonies. Constant Tyranid and Gorgan invasion occurs. The defensive guns 99% of the time are able to beat back the invading forces. The colonies have there own protectors known as the Wrath of Medusa space marine chapter. This chapter has Imperial Fist geneseed. The humans haven’t always existed on the planet. A space imperial expeditionary unit landed on Chrion IV to investigate. Captain Sailarn was among them. They ran into the highly intelligent gorgans. The gorgans soon enslaved them and burned there ship forcing them to stay forever. The Gorgans emplaced there own geneseeds into the captive imperial marines. The marines became superhuman and gained capabilities far beyond that of average humans. They where all brain washed into service against the Tyranid who invested the planet. These marines eventually reproduced a large colony of superhumans. The planet was later discovered by a crusading Black Templars force who slaughtered the Gorgans on Chrion IV and rescued the superhuman marines. The black templars secretly trained the men into experienced fighters. Initially the Black Templars wanted the superhumans to guard a Black Templars fortress on the planet untill they returned. The Black Templars then somehow mysteriously disappeared along with there geneseed. The superhumans went underground and made there own society using the Black Templars geneseed to strengthen there bodies. They used the Black Templars power armor and weapons. They took over the black templars ships and invaded the local star system slaughtering all who stood before them. These are the last records of them since the Black Templar Crusade....
The 2nd company of the Sons of Medusa where tracing there ancient routes. This lead them to the Gorgan planets of the Chrion star system. When they arrived what they found was quite disturbing... Warriors bearing the 8 pointed star of chaos ambushed them along with a large army consisting of Gorgans and Tyranid xenos. The area had been tainted by Chaos. The Sons of Medusa 3rd company battled against this threat day in and day out for 3 weeks. They single handedly pushed back the enemy. They sustained heavy casualties but for they’re harrowing efforts received permission to start there own chapter which became known as The Wrath Of Medusa. This planet of Chrion V was made into the chapters home planet. The Wrath of Medusa chapter bears the same paint scheme as the Sons of Medusa but there badge is slightly different. There badge bears a single skull without the iron halo.
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A little to much going on in this story I think. Try to keep it simple. I like the idea of Gorgans, but the Tyranids don't really fit. If they invaded the system then they would either kill everything or be destroyed. It wouldn't take long for one or the other to happen either. My biggest problem with the story is if the super humans were implated with anything xenos they would never become a chapter and would be hunted forever by the Inquistion. I like the basic Idea but it is over complicated.
I think the Black Templars of all chapters would kill the superhuman marine chapter outright for being heretic scum,
I think you guys missed the story though. The Black templars who arrived basicly wanted these guys to run a fortress for them untill they got back. The superhumans with the Gorgan genes where tainted and accepted by chaos along with the Gorgan race and the Tyranids in the region. The sons of medusa then found this whole mess n kicked there ass n got a new chapter.
Great ideas but..
Break up your paragraphs.. It looks seriously chunky like that! :wacko:

What's with the whole superhuman thing? I think it's unnecessary to the plot, myself. Why couldn't humans do any of this stuff? Besides, marines are already superhuman.. supersuperhuman is just getting silly. :p The bad guys don't need to be marines, an onrushing horde of xeno tainted humans is hardcore enough..

Not sure marines can reproduce.. so how did they create an entire colony? Based on the few sources available on the subject I think they lose the functionality of their 'equipment' when they become marines.. loads of steriods and body chemistry tinkering will do that to you.

How were they preserving and implanting the BT geneseed? It's not exactly a case of sticking it into the refrigerator and then injecting a bit into someone when you want to beef them up.

You only introduce your actual army right at the end.. Which is confusing.

This is possibly a personal thing, so ignore at your leisure, but I don't think marines are allowed to change chapters during their lifetimes. Their geneseed is instead used to create an entirely new marine batch when a new chapter is founded, and I'd imagine the parent chapter is then called in to look after and train the n00bs for a while while they build their numbers and prepare.
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The_Giant_Mantis does have a point they wouldn't be given there own chapter for cleasing the planet it happens all the time and I don't think they can reproduce tool may not wor kafter all the stuuf they went thourgh to be come marines you know what i mean.
The Black Templars only trained them they didnt turn them into marines. This emans there reproductive tools could still work. Chaos just possessed all the creatures on the planet.
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