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We've got lots of terrain pieces for sale guys. Since there are a lot of pics, I'll give you the link to all the pics on our imgur account.
What we offer is:
- a bundle of 10x Lizardmen / Seraphon totems - 50usd
- 11x 40k city barricade walls (with propaganda posters) - 50usd
- a tower - 45usd
- a lumber mill - 60usd
- Rocky mountains scatter terrain pieces with ruby crystals x 10 - 50usd

- an Orc village set (as a set 140usd) :
- a tower - 60usd
- savage boss tent - 50usd
- 10 savage orruk tents - 50usd

- a Haunted forest set (as a set 170usd):
- an unholy Skaven tree - 40usd
- 2x old road with magnetized monk statues - 40usd (each)
- a forest hill with graves - 30usd
- a long forest lane with graves - 50usd
- bonus for the set (3 city street trees)

You'll get a discount bonus for a large order and free shipping on orders of 50usd and higher. We'll cover Paypal fees too. We ship worldwide.
We might consider trades for models.
The links to albums with pics: (Lizardmen totems) (40k city walls) (the tower) (the lumber mill) (Rocky mountains with crystals) (a Haunted forest set) (an orc village set)
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