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This is my idea to create a codex with each unit a different Xenos race, so far I have these species included (along with a tiny bit of fluff!):

Special Wargear:

Py'fa Weapons:

Phoom Gland:
The fire breathing gland in these creatures has been nicknamed the "Phoom Gland" by many imperials soldiers, due to the deep "Phoom" gland the creature emits whilst breathing fire.

Any model with this wargear can fire it's gland with the profile below,


Devil Claws:
Some Py'fa are blessed with claws known to cause wounds with an irrevertable burning sensation.

And Model with Devil Claws may re-roll to wound rolls and will always wound a 5+.

Salaspitter Lizards:
A lizard like creature also native to Pyfaun III these creatures exhibit and extended Phoom Gland, so large infact some species can use there internal gaseous levels to float them high in the sky. However the smaller species are used by the Py'fa as hand'held flamethrowers and kept as highly regarded pets.

A model armed with the Salaspitter may fire it with the following profile:

Template-4---6--Assualt 1

Flame Orbs:
A simple explosive glass orb that the Py'fa use to nullify foes cover.

Models with Flame Orbs have assualt Grenades and can throw them with the following profile,

6+X"---------Assualt 1, Large Blast
X is the Models Strength

Any coversave any unit under the Large Blast template is ignored for the next full turn as the soldiers try to extinguish themselves.


Py'fa Runts 5 Points per Model
The Py'fa are a race of short, but rather plump creatures native to the forests of Pyfaun III. Their small, furry and rather cute appearence has deceived many conscripts unaware of the power these creatures possess. Armed with sharp teeth and claws the Py'fa can kill an unprepared man, worse than that however, is there bodies secret weapon.

Various Glands around the creatures body, filter off, process and refine highly flammable gases, which with one easy spasm can be forced over and ignition gland then shot out of the creatures mouth and nose, firing a stream, burst or ball of fire at their target. This along with the their art of fire making means combat with the Py'fa is dangerous amongst the cover of their homeworld.


Squad Size:

Wargear (Runts):
Sharp Claws (CCW)
Phoom Gland

Wargear (Devils):
2 Devil Claws
Phoom Gland

2 Devil Claws
Phoom Gland
Flame Orbs

Special Rules:
Move through Cover
Eternal Warrior (Fire Barker Only)

Up to 4 Py'fa Runts may take Salaspitter Lizards for 10 points each.
After the Initial 4 up to an additional 4 Py'fa Runts may take Salaspitter Lizards for 15 Points each.
Up to 4 Py'fa Runts may take Flame Orbs for 10 points each.
Up to 4 Py'fa Runts may be upgraded to Devils for 5 points each.
After the Initial 4 up to an additional 4 Py'fa Runts may be upgraded to Devils for 10 Points each.
If 8 Py'fa Devils are taken 1 Py'fa Runt may be upgraded to a Fire-Barker for 45 points, if a Fire-Barker is taken the entire unit gains the Infiltrate USR.
The entire unit may take Infiltrate USR for 5 points per model.

I would like to say, that the Py'fa are based Stat-wise off Conscripts and Rule-wise off some old fluff I wrote... (and now lost d'oh!)
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