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XV15 Stealth suit tactics

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ok. the time has come for a stealth suit tactica to arise. i find it quite odd that no-one discusses the use of stealth suits. it's also funny that i have no idea how other players play stealths. let's start to put some ideas out there. are there any inventive and effective ways to use them?
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One of my favorite ways to use them is to Deep Strike them behind enemy armor with AV10. Then, let them blast away with 18 shots. Typically, 9 hit, and 3 Glance/Pen. That right there usually makes back thier points. Also, it's common that the enemy is too far away when they come in to do any real damage to them (because most infantry is trying to get into assault with the rest of my army) so they can fly around and take out units from behind.

That, or send them up the flank and do the same thing.
I find that tactica or talk about them isn't that much needed.. a bit self explanitory with what they are equipped with..

But how I use them is combine their firepower with kroot infiltration ;) makes a nice combo.
well deepstrike behind low AV viechles is the drones job. i infiltrate and blast away his infanry with them.
the mistake i see a lot is that they are kept close to the enemy after infiltrating. the best way to do it is to infiltrate 18" away, move in a bit and shoot, then return to your lines. this usually draws enemy assault/fast troops out ahead of their formation into the crisis from yours (this is the tactic I use and it works). others just keep them up front and get mowed down/assaulted due to being <18" away.
THe best way to deploy them is to infiltrate them so it's impossible for the enemy to assault or shoot them first turn. This usually means in your deployment zone behind terrain.

As I've said many times before, keeping stealths alive is more important than shooting with them.
Against close combat-oriented armies like Tyranids and Black Templar, I deepstrike my Stealth team behind enemy lines to set up a crossfire. A couple turns into the game, their deployment zone is usually empty...

Another tactic I've had success with is to focus most of my army on one side of the table and leave my Stealths to hold the far flank. The enemy tends to reciprocate with placing only one or two basic units to counter them; six burst cannons + jetpacks can usually outmatch them and leave a bolt-hole for the rest of my army when I run out of space.
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