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I know, these batreps keep coming in, but this is the last of the Ynnari for a while. This series was four games with the same list & same mission. Some of them used Empyric Storm -cards to spice the mission up a bit.

This last one against the Orks really shows the raw power, that the Ynnari can harness. If you roll a perfect Warlord trait & get to go first, havoc will ensue...

Loads of boys, Trukks, Battlewagons, Lobbas etc, going against the Lost Vyper Ynnari.

In the end of the video, is a few minute conclusion about the four games and my thoughts of the Ynnari "OP-level" and will you have any friends, if you keep playing with them...

After this game, is time to play some fluffy Haemonculus Covens lists and missions!

- Lost Vyper / Reseda Prime
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