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You have free 200pts, which unit add to army?

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I have free cca 200 points in my 1500 SM army. I need some firepower and antitank support. Should I choose?

a) 8 Devastators 4ML

b) 7 Devastators, 4ML tank hunters

c) 2x 5SM tacticals, Las/Plas

d) 3x 5SM scouts, ML+bolters

e) Venerable tankhunter dreadnought, TwinLC,ML, extra armour

f) 2 Landspeeder tornado, HF,MM (in one squad, just one Fast slot free)

g) Predator, Twin LC, LC sponsons, extra armour

h) 7 Devastators 2ML, 2LC

Whats your oppinion? I know 8devs4ML is optimal, but sometimes I need AP 2 (termies, suits...) and Strenght 8 is sometimes too low to destroy heavy tanks...
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I'd say option h....but kill some more points and give it tank hunters too. Then you'll have the perfect anti-tank unit.
Tough Choice

I would debate between choice b or choice e. The Devistators are good, they can be used for more than one type of enemy. But the Dreadnaught would be nice for quick shot for anti-tank.

I would add a drop pod to the dread, that should put you at 195 points, and that would allow you to get into position easily. Drop the drop pod if there isn't going to be alot of cover for your enemy.

Thats my $0.02.

Good Hunting.
I would go with either the dread or 2 5 man tactical squads, 1 with plasma cannon 1 with lascannon.
I really dont know...dready is nice model, but it is really fragile if targetet by antittank and I dont play any other vehicles except two LST :-/

Small squads are weak when assaulted, devastators are placed first so may heve problem with fire lines :-/
option b or d look good but i really love scouts.
If its completly for anti-tank purposes option E would be my preferred if the opponent is only fielding like 2 tanks.

but if u want heavy troops to die, *termis*, havea layout close to 2 PC and two ML and give them tank hunter so it is S9 (on vehicles) also if a little less range. PLasma cannons can easily kill heavily armored troops and the missle launcher is just a cheap substitute to help...if u can trade those off for one lascannon it might be better if the range of the PC does have an affect on the battle. Unless the field is really really big and has no blocking pieces of terrain for line of sight those 12 inches won't hurt you in the long run because tanks usually move forward to get a firing lane towards u. And termis have to deepstrike so u get at least one free turn of shooting at them if u survive the assault cannons.
Depending on what other anti-tank equipment you have I would agree with Ezekiels suggestion. Those squads can pour on the Marine killing. SM lascannons are decent.

Plus every SM army should have at least 1 Plasma Cannon, there should be a law on that.

However is you completely lack av14 killing ability option B will do the job. Who do you usualy play though?
How mobile does the unti have to be? Dreads can sit in cover and walk out and fire to full effect on a tank, wich makes it easier to 'trick' some one to drive in to its sights, This also keep the Dreadnouhgt alive a lot longer. The devistators will take lots of fire but should be abole to keep the guns alive for a turn or two, but cant move and fire makeing it posibole but unlikely to avoide. The land speeders are great for moving and striking armor, can hide easily and are very survivabole if you move them to the right spots. Also the guns will make toast of armor combined with there speed and the 2d6 under 12 inches rule.

Alot of it depends on the table and the rest of your list, hope I helped you narrow it down a little though.

P.S. If you don't own a dread think about one just because (opinion) they are easily the best modle in the entire hobby.
Personally, (it may not be the best choice) I would have to say the 2 LST.
Instead of MM and HB, I would add AC and HB on each. Thats 160pts; so you can add a couple more marines.

Secondary, if you really want tank busters, then I'd go with H).

I posted whole army in armylist section, so you could see all units. I was limited by points, but choosed 6 devastators, 2ML+2LC tankhunters. It has some potencial against 2+ save, templates against swarms and should disable any tank with average fire.
if you want to kill termies, i'd take the 2 tac sqauds with las and plasma cannons. Other than that, the dread pwns vehicles.
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