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Your Inner Terra-badass

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and the secret is:

::drum roll::

attention to detail, and working in a smaller scale than you're used to!!

(aka- work in 1/72 scale for a few months, military minatures that is, and you'll come back to the gw minis and be like 'holy Shi-hiT! this stuff is easy')

lots of real-life pieces. use old pipes- nozzles, hoses; hell, i took apart a small motorhome refrigerator and used it for bits. get old hard drives from tech junkies, broken fax machines, empty print cartridges (EMPTY, not broken!), and youll soon have 2 formidable things- a formidable bitz box, and a formidable storage problem ;)

keep a notebook of things that work, and more importantly, things that don't- its very frustrating to repeat an experiment and suddenly remember the next day that you knew the answer all along.

have a good way of organizing your workspace and keeping it portable- preferably air portable! i'm stuck without my paints for a week because i forgot to mind this one! in general, get something to transport your paints, brushes, basic tools (exacto, midre saw if you have one, files, clippers, scissors, etc), and also something to transport your materials and figures.

thats all for now!

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