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Good evening, from the States.

As the title states, I'd like to know your opinion, on the new DE book.

I was thinking about writing up, a "dark arc crew" list.

Thanks in advance.


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For core, dark riders are amazing and if you want to just have dark riders as your core that is very much a possibility.
However if you want to run a horde of witch elves/corsairs then probably take a cauldron for that unit. Personally i think witch elves are better as you lose out on a lot if you take the corsairs (+1 attack, posion and 5+ ward in exchange for 4+ armour and 6+ ward)
If you take xbow men then you need to design your list around them, with taking bolt throwers as special and shadow magic.
Personally i cant see the point of sword/spearmen now they have gone up in points

For Special
Black Guard are good with the cauldron nearby and hellebron in with the unit (you need a min unit of 25 really and go 7 wide)
Executions are good but dont need the cauldron (5 wide, 5 deep is best)
Hydra is a good cannon magnet if you want to protect your cauldron
Some people swear by cold one knights but i find 8 (4 wide and 2 deep) with flamming banner to be a good monster hunter.
Both chariots are pointless - seriously: the bolt thrower is wayy over priced and if you want to take combat chariots like the cold one is supposed to be then go play warriors of chaos which do it better
Bolt thrower i have already mentioned.

Warlocks are good
Everything else is pointless
Dont even consider the medusa on her own, although if you want it on her shrine then with the right build (big block of corsairs 5 wide with full command and lokhier with the shrine in the 2nd rank, with 2 karabrys's? and death magic)

So basically...
If you want MSU play style take dark riders, warlocks, cold one knights etc
If you want to horde, take witch elves with cauldron of blood and then black guard
If you want a devastating anti-armour list then take hellebron in a unit of executioners (if you take executions then dont bother with the cauldron - but really, who is every going to charge that.
And if you want a shooting list, then take a lvl 4 shaddow, dark riders, xbowmen and bolt throwers

If you want the cauldron take witch elves and blackguard
if you want the shrine take death magic (and probably a lvl 2 with dark and tomb on furion), corsairs and lokhier with the rare monster (however you spell its name)

Oh and as for characters
BSB Master on dark pegasus with cloak of twilight and 1+ armour save is always good
Lvl 4 with ring of hotek in 9 warlocks is also good (death magic is good with this build as you can get close to the enemy characters quickly and get away from danger quickly).

As for how powerfull the book is...well demons, warriors and specific empire and high elf builds we will struggle with.
The rest should not be to difficult.

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My opinion is slightly less stark than jgascoines =P

He is right on some good points though. Dark Riders are probably our best Core choice, but the other Core units certainly have places to fill. If you need ranked up infantry, I'd still probably take Corsair over Spears/Swords, for one they're cheaper in real life and also look cooler, so you know... Special is where we will get the majority of our actual killing power, and Executioners and Black Guard will both shine for this if you get your support right for them, whilst Cold One Knights are really very good without support. Rare has some good units (Warlocks, Sisters of Slaughter) and then some units who you need to have a specific plan, are running Ld Bomb, or are running an overload style list like Monster Mash or Chariot/Monster Spam (Bloodwrack Shrine, Kharibdyss).

We always disagree about Cold One Chariots, but I can see the Scourgerunner consigned to fluffy lists only. Cold One Chariots do great work at killing small units and combo charging big/depleted ones. I also say Witch Elves over Corsairs is a matter of preference, and more about what your list needs than just slapping one or the other in in a big unit.

Like any decent book, with a good general and a good list it can handle anything. If Warriors of Chaos can't ever pin you down for a charge, how can they win?

For your Black Ark theme, it can work rather well, Corsairs, Dark Riders, Shadow Magic, Bolt Throwers, Sea Monsters, maybe some elite troops brought along for the ride, just make sure of one thing. NEVER, and i repeat never use the Black Arc Fleetmaster over a Dreadlord. They are more expensive, have fewer options, worse stats and lower magic item allowance. Convert all you want with the model, just don't use it for it's intended purpose.

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I was looking at doing a corsair theme and i came up with something like.

30 corsairs (5 wide) with full command
2 units of 5 dark riders
1 unit of 9 dark riders

3 hydra's with flamming breath
2 karabyssssssss (?)
1 bloodwrack shrine (goes with the corsairs)

1 lvl 4 death wizard on dark steed (goes in with the dark riders)
1 bsb master on pegasus with cloak

Then if you wanted to, add in a merwyrm.

I cant remember but i think with the merwyrm its 2400 points and without 2000.
It is not very competitive but if you want a laugh then go for it

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Thank you, for your responses.

Looking over this forum, I just might go for a "normal" DE list.
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