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Here is the first of two army backgrounds I wish to have looked at and commented on. I’m looking for making armies for both so please tell me what you think afterwards and what army would be best suited for representing them?

The Zanatorians

The Curious Magos Zanatos
Back in the 38th milliellium Zanatos 3815-9B was a fast rising Magos in the Adeptus Mechanicus. Gifted with an innate ability to commune with machine spirits he rose through the ranks at an incredible rate. Although he was talented at all aspects of the Machine-god's mysteries his greatest passion was in cybernetics and neural links, a passion which inevitably led him into service with the Adeptus Titanicus. After serving as the chief engineer of a warhound titan for 5 years, his service came to an end when his legion was devastated by a massive Ork Waaagh! His titan destroyed it’s crew dead and with all of the vehicles beyond repair Zanatos led a group of surviving techpriests across the desert in the hope that the Imperium would come and rescue them.

Around 2 years past Zanatos was beginning to lose faith out of the 46 surviving members only 16 remained the rest had died from either starvation or from the heat. It was on this day though that Zanatos would begin on the path of heresy, on their travels they had come across a battlefield where Orks and another race has clashed. At his feet lay the broken corpse of a mechanical like skeleton warrior. He and his followers watched in awe as the shattered machine began to reform on its own, its metals running like water back into its original form. Just then this strange Xenos machincal life form begin to fade Zanatos panicked that such a wonder should be lost and used a stasis grenade to trap it. For days the Techpriest argued over this madness some disgusted at the very thought of the Xenos tech! However abandoned and without transport the Techpriests were forced to use the crude ork tech to create a useable transport. 10 days later and they had finally come across an Imperial Outpost all this time Zanatos had remained quiet pondering over his treasured specimen. He then began to discuss in secret what he believed to be a vision from the Machine God, he believed that mankind had become weak and an inferior species vulnerable to disease and corruption and it was up to them to strengthen humanity and ascend them to the next level with the use of powerful cybernetic technology.

Out of the 9 techpriests 6 strongly objected and claimed that it was heresy to the Emperor and the Machine God, Zanatos ignored such claims and mentioned that until his talents were wanted he would leave Imperial space to one day return and achieve his vision of evolving humanity to the next level. The other 3 techpriests that had come to respect Zanatos over the past 3 years. They followed Zanatos as he attempted to leave Imperial Space with both the Inquisition and the Adeptus Mechanicus hunting them down. Zanatos used a variety of underground connections and assistance from space pirates to escape from Imperial Space to where he fled to a small system in the northern east part of space outside of imperial territory.

A New Age For Draconis
Zanatos soon came across the small planet 'Draconis' a barren planet with a harsh climate and a people struggling to harvest it's very little resources who were ruled by constant civil war and disease. It was clear that the Machine god had brought him to this planet to save and enhance these people with his vision. With the aid of his three Techpriests Zanatos turned the once barren planet into a paradise, its people enhanced with unique cybernetics. By the dawn of the 41st milliellium the ‘Zanatorians’ had expanded the hold to the rest of the system, the Draconis system included a forge world that created vast armies of cyberneticly enhanced cyborgs known as Praetorians which seemed similar to the Index Astartes in both appearance and in combat. The Zanatorians have survived every Xenos invasion however the Imperium hasyet to see this small system as a threat!

The Death Of Zanatos
A milliellium pasted since the successful founding of the Zanatorians on Draconis, Zanatos was pleased with his vision and rushed backed to the Imperium knowing that upon seeing the great good he had done to this system many high members of the Adeptus Mechanicus would join him. He returned to his system with the Magos Tesra X256-7 who questioned his motives and was mostly disgusted at this perversion of the machine god. Zanatos failed to understand how Tesra was unable to see the paradise he created. But after a while Tesra’s view of the Zanatorians strangely changed and he assisted that Zanatos come back with him to Mars to bring forth his ideal plans for humanity. Escorted by the Space Fleet Axion the largest and most powerful Zanatorian fleet Zanatos left for Mars with Tesra promise of an audience with the High Lords of Mars! Soon after the fleet Axion had entered Imperial space the trap was sprung and the fleet was set upon by a massive barrage from Imperial Starships the battle was fierce but the Zanatorians where outnumbered and outgunned and soon fell but not before taking a few Imperial ships with it. It is said that with his last breath Zanatos destroyed the Imperial Flagship. The Imperials soon set off to find and destroy the Zanatorian civilization and with a massive purge wiped the small system clean of the Zanatorians. However despite the large scale of the purge a large number of Zanatorians escaped! Soon after the operation the Imperium no longer sore the small Zanatorian cult as a very dangerous threat now without its fanatic leader and no longer thought it necessary to continue hunting them down.

The Zanatorian Crusade
After news of the death of their beloved leader, Zanatos’ 3 loyal techpriest followers wasted no time in forming the ‘High Council’ and taking command of the Zanatorians. The three of them also decided that if there great civilization was going to survive they would need warriors, leaders, guardians to protect and continue Zanatos’ vision. Therefore the Zanatorian Knights were created, 10 of Zanatorian’s finest Magos were sent out to find pure and loyal men and women to be reborn into religious zealots of their great belief! Each of them undergoing many years of intense training and purification until adulthood were they went through the ‘Rebirth’ process that turned them into powerful warriors that were neither man or machine but something more each of them enhanced with the most potent cybernetics and wargear the Zanatorians had. Each of them equally partnered with the Magos that selected them. These Knights7 worked under the direct command of the ‘High Council’ and served their duty to protect them against their many enemies including the Imperium’s hatred of them the Zanatorians send out many exploration fleets to find and research the great god like technology from the Dark Age. As well as find worlds willing to rally to the cause, most of these fleets were escorted by a Templar. However some Templars explored the galaxy alone searching in heavily Imperial controlled space for the legendary wargear.

However any Zanatorian activity and agents are regarded as heretics and fanatics in the eyes of the Inquisition and other Imperium orders, which is why some Templars will pose as Inquisitors allowing them to use ally with Imperial servants without exposing their true intentions. Due to the Inquisition itself being shrouded in mystery many Imperial servants are unable or too afraid to investigate these imitators, of course this only increases the Inquisition’s hatred of this Cult!
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