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I'm a little surprised I never posts a thread showing some of the conversions I made for the People's Republic of Zierheim.

First on the list is what I like to call the Plasma Buggy:

This was built using spare treads from the chimera kit and some cut up plastic packaging. The gun is some ancient toy I managed to dredge up. And yes, it actually shoots that yellow bit! I usually stand it in for an armored sentinel or a heavy weapons team.

Next is the Zierheim Pattern Medusas Siege Cannon (A work in progress; please pardon the poor pictures):

I'm planning on making this a modular chimera hull that can either work as a normal transport or carry the siege cannon. And if I really need to, I plan to make the weapon on its own detailed enough to represent a weapon emplacement. The cannon itself is built from rejected plastic parts from an assembly job I work at (in case you're wondering, they were originally intended for respirator devices). The stand is built from a material similar to the packaging used to build the plasma buggy.

Today's last entry is the Premier's Propoganda Wagon (as seen here: )

This is pretty much a standard Chimera. The pulpit is built from some spare bits from the kit, and the giant portrait of the Mighty Premier is built from foamcore and covered in a printed image. The portrait is also hollow to hide an MP3 player which connects to a wire connected to a pair of speakers built into the Chimera. Everyone got a real kick out of it when the tank started playing the Soviet March from Red Alert 3. xD Though I might need to tear it open again to put in smaller, louder speakers.

I'll post up a few more of the conversions from my army in the coming days, and keep you posted on the Medusa cannon.
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