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Here is Sepulchre, a Zombie Expansion for Necromunda that I have made, enjoy and post comments
Scenarios are work in progress, some testing has been done but feel free to post up your advice/results
Expect updates

Zombie Rules

When Zombies are shot at they react differently to gangers. Whilst a ganger dodges and weaves a zombie lumbers onward, this makes them prone to having parts knocked off.
Rolling to hit and to wound is the same as normal.
After the roll to wound is made the zombie attempts its armour save if it has one. Deduct one from the wounds it has. If it now has 0 wounds then remove it. If it still has remaining wounds, roll to see where the shot hits. Only one roll is made in the case of weapons that cause d6 or d3 wounds, so a melta gun could only get one roll on the zombie damage table.

Zombie Damage Table
1 Leg Shot One of the zombies legs is blown off, the zombie only moves 1 D6 per turn from now on. If this happens twice then the zombie cannot move. If a third 1 is rolled then count the wound as a Head Shot
2-5 Miscellaneous part of the chest or arm area is hit with no additional effects.
6. Head Shot The zombies head explodes in a shower of gore and blood. The zombie is instantly killed regardless of remaining wounds.

Zombies do not suffer from normal injury rolls. Zombies can never go down or be flesh wounded. Zombies are immune to pinning, gas grenades and any test involving leadership.

Special Weapons

Some weapons work differently on zombies then on living targets

Flamer, Hot Shot shotgun rounds, Fire Bomb, Exterminator and Hand Flamer: If a zombie is wounded by a weapon that uses a flame template then it is does not roll on the Zombie Damage Table. Instead roll a d6. on the roll of a 4 or more the zombie catches fire and takes an additional wound. If a 4 or more is rolled, roll again in the next turn. Continue this until a 3 or less is rolled or until the zombie dies. This has no effect on red zombies.

Needle Rifle/pistol and High Impact weapons: these weapons cause a head wound on a roll of 5 or 6 when rolling on the Zombie Damage Table.

Zombie Movement

Zombies always move as fast as they can by the shortest route towards the closest enemy, irrespective of line of sight. If this move would take them into combat then they count as charging. If they consolidate then this move must be made as above. Zombies only move 1d6 unless they are within line of sight of enemies or if they are within sniff range (SN).

A Zombies movement is restricted by their sniff range. If a zombie has an enemy in sniff range or in line of sight at any point in its 1d6 movement then it moves additional d6’s until it reaches its Move value.
For example: A Basic Zombie cannot see or smell zombies at the start of its turn. It rolls a 4 on 1d6 and moves 4 inches towards the enemy. There is now a ganger in sniff range. The zombie moves an additional d6 for its total move of 2d6.

Collective Fear

A veteran Zombie fighter is unlikely to be scared of one zombie but when charged by 3 or 4 will not be so confident. If the total weapon skill of a group of zombies in a combat is greater then that of their opponents then the zombies cause fear for that combat phase.

Zombie Profiles

Basic Zombie
M Bs Ws S T A W I L SN
2d6 0 2 3 3 1 2 1 10 8

This is by far the most common zombie and represents your average person who got bitten or otherwise infected. Many have terrible injuries caused by zombies or rival gangs. This gives them a hideous and disturbing appearance.

Armoured Zombie
M Bs Ws S T A W I L SN
2d6 0 2 3 3 1 2 1 10 8

Zombies do not have enough will or intelligence to change their clothes so they wear what they had on when they were zombified.
Enforcers, Storm troopers and soldiers are not immune to zombification and these zombies are harder to kill as a result of there armour.

Special Rule: Armoured Zombies have a 4+ armour save.

Machine Zombie
M Bs Ws S T A W I L SN
8 0 3 4 5 3 2 1 10

Zombie Servitors and Pit Slaves continue to use the bionics that they had in life when they enter undeath. Hideous clanking monsters with rotting jaws and bionic arms stalk the corridors striking at any they come across with steel saw blades and claws. An array of bionic eyes and sensors lessens their reliance on smell.

Special Rule: Machine Zombies have a 5+ armour save
Special Rule Regulated: Machine Zombies always move 8 rather then 1d6 for movement. They do not have a sniff range. If they suffer a leg wound then they are reduced to 1d6 movement as normal for zombies.

Red Zombie
M Bs Ws S T A W I L SN
3d6 0 3 4 4 2 0 2 10 10

Red Zombie’s are possessed of a terrible and unceasing rage that they cannot control. They charge forward not in the shambling gait of a normal zombie but with great speed and purpose. They cannot be killed unless their head is destroyed. Even if its limbs are scattered around the room it will continue to attack, its body parts flailing at the enemy.

Special Rule Unending Rage: The Red Zombie is only taken out of action if it suffers a head shot on the Zombie Damage Table. It still suffers the effects of leg wounds but ignores any other wounds completely.
Special Rule Berzerk Charge: The Red Zombie gains double attacks on the turn it charges.

Zombie Animals
M Bs Ws S T A W I L SN
4d6 0 2 4 3 2 2 2 10 16

Animals are not immune to the effects of zombification and will attack in a similar manner to human zombies, except they attack faster and can smell the living from further away. This profile represents zombie dogs, sheep, cows and any other medium sized four legged zombie.

Missile Zombie
M Bs Ws S T A W I L SN
1d6 3 3 3 3 1 2 3 10 10

The Missile Zombie is a rare case of a Zombie retaining some skills from before it was Zombified. This is due to a resistance to the virus.

Special Rule missile launcher: The Missile Zombie is armed with a Missile Launcher and Frag Missiles.
If the zombie is out of ammo, cannot see any enemies, or is in combat then it may not fire. In this case it moves 1d6 if out of sniff range and 2d6 if within it without shooting. If it is in range and line of sight of enemies when it begins its movement then it only moves 1d6 and then fires its missile launcher. It shoots at the easiest to hit, closest enemy within its line of sight. Roll to hit and to wound as per normal shooting rules. On a turn where it is eligible to fire it only moves 1d6. Note that this does not reduce its chance to hit or ability to shoot.
Special Rule Armoured: Missile Zombies have a 4+ armour save.

Ogre Zombie
M Bs Ws S T A W I L SN
3d6 0 4 5 4 3 3 2 10 10

When an Ogre Zombie attacks it is a truly terrifying site. Filling up a corridor with its great size it towers over its prey before ripping the unfortunate fighter apart with its rotting arms and jaws. It takes a great number of wounds to kill an Ogre and this is exasperated by the Zombie’s immunity to pain. Even head shots are no guarantee of success as an Ogre Zombie can be shot right through the head without a noticeable drop in effectiveness or intelligence.

Special Rule Hulking Flesh: An Ogre Zombie is not instantly killed by a headshot wound. Instead it loses an additional wound from the hit.
Special Rule Gut Barge: When an ogre zombie charges the enemy must pass an initiative test or take a strength 4 hit before the combat is resolved. If the opponent is not wounded, has remaining wounds or only takes a flesh wound then the combat is resolved as normal. If they go down or out of action then the ogre continues its movement over the top of the first fighter and moves as normal towards the next closest enemy. This can happen until the Ogre runs out of movement or fails to successfully gut barge.

Zombie Abomination

M Bs Ws S T A W I L SN
3d6 0 5 5 4 4 5 5 10 16

If a world is left to its own devices for too long it can slip into dark and evil practices. This includes the heretical art of Genetic Engineering. Sometimes a scientist will decide to create a super being that will be greater then all others. By exposing normal creatures to ‘controlled’ bursts of chaos energy and radiation the creature is mutated so that it is stronger and more powerful then others of this kind. Some stop at this point and all is well. But many continue on with their experiments. At this point both the creature and creator are completely insane from over exposure to radiation and dark power. Eventually the creature mutates too much and dies from its genetic changes. On Sepulchre this was timed with the start of the Zombie Plague. Mutated Abominations that should have stayed buried rose again to feed on the living. Ugly and strong beyond mortal boundaries they roam the genetics labs of their creation hunting those who enter their lairs. Unlike most zombies they are agile and nimble rather then lumbering and slow. This makes them dangerous to face as they slither forward as a solid mass of chitin, claws and pure evil.

Special Rule Unnatural Armour: The Abomination has a 3+ armour save
Special Rule The Horror: Zombie Abominations cause terror.
Special Rule Hulking Flesh: The Abomination is not killed by a head shot; it simply takes an additional wound.


A gang can only have one territory at a time. This is their home base and can be changed by winning Conquest or Gang War Scenarios. The income of a territory is how much income each ganger, pit slave or juve can make by working the territory. leaders, fanatics, scalies, hired guns and heavies cannot work the territory. After working out the income deduct the cost of upkeep from it. The cost of upkeep is 2 credits per fighter unless specially noted.

The Rare is how many loot counters are to be placed by the zombie player if the territory is attacked. Each counter that is captured by the gang player allows them a roll on the Zombie rare trade chart. Whatever they roll they get for free as loot. The loot only counts as loot if the gang player carries it off the board or captures the territory.

The Zombie Populace dictates how many zombies defend the territory.

The Special is what bonuses a gang gets if they control the territory.

The terrain is a guide to how the terrain should be set up. Feel free to use whatever terrain you have available if you don’t have what’s listed.

Income: d3 credits
Rare: none
Zombie Populace: 4 basic zombies
Special: none
Terrain: scattered rocks and trees

Old Ruins
Income: d3 +1 credits
Rare: 1
Zombie Populace: 5 basic zombies
Special: none
Terrain: scattered rocks and ruins

Income: d3 credits
Rare: none
Zombie Populace: 6 basic zombies, 4 zombie animals
Special: half upkeep
Terrain: a barn building and some fencing

Income: d3+2 credits
Rare: none
Zombie Populace: 10 basic zombies
Special: roll a dice, on the roll of a 6 the gang gains a free juve
Terrain: 6 to 10 small houses or huts

Train station
Income: 2d6 credits
Rare: 1
Zombie Populace: 15 basic zombies
Special: none
Terrain: rail tracks, train station and scattered terrain

Income: 2d6 credits
Rare: 4
Zombie Populace: 15 basic zombies, 5 armoured zombie
Special: Carapace Armour and Combat shields become common Prisoners cannot escape even with a concealed knife.
Terrain: one large complex building with 3+ cells

Shopping mall
Income: 2d6 +3 credits
Rare: 4
Zombie Populace: 22 basic zombies
Special: none
Terrain: 5+ shops (multiple levels suggested)

Income: 3d6 credits
Rare: 4
Zombie Populace: 18 basic zombies, 4 zombie animals
Special: none
Terrain: lots of roads and houses, densely packed

Income: 2d6 +3 credits
Rare: 4
Zombie Populace: 15 basic zombies, 5 red zombie
Special: Fanatics become common, exterminators (cost 25) become common, Executioners become common (see redemption)
Terrain: large church building, alter and pews line the floor

Income: 3d6 credits
Rare: 5
Zombie Populace: 15 basic zombies, 5 machine zombies, 1 red zombie
Special: bionics become common, Pit slaves can be recruited (see pit slaves v2)
Terrain: Lots of small tight corridors and cells

Factory Complex
Income: 3d6 +3 credits
Rare: 6
Zombie Populace: 25 basic zombies, 5 machine zombies, 1 missile
Special: 4+ ammo roll ignore, power weapons and power fists common
Terrain: complex pipes and production lines

Military Base
Income: 4d6 credits
Rare: 6
Zombie Populace: 15 armoured, 4 missile, 1 ogre
Special: All grenades and weapon sights are common
Terrain: many bunkers and barracks buildings close together.

Genetics Lab
Income: 4d6 +2 credits
Rare: 7
Zombie Populace: 12 red, 3 abominations, 2 ogre,
Special: mutations are common, icrotic slime becomes common, scalies can be recruited up to normal heavy limit (see outlaw table) (see scavies)
Terrain: strange shaped rooms and lots of vats

City Centre
Income: 5d6 credits
Rare: 8
Zombie Populace: 40 basic zombies, 5 red zombies
Special: none
Terrain: buildings surrounding the outside and a courtyard in the middle.


Looting run

SCENARIO 3 - Last Stand

In this scenario the gang player is aiming to kill as many zombies as they can before being dragged down and devoured by the decaying masses. This scenario is a great way to end the campaign, the gang that kills the most and survives the longest is the winner.

A tide of zombies has surrounded the gangs base and breached the outer defences. The gang’s only option is to make a last stand, killing as many zombies as they can before they are overrun.

This scenario is played in the home territory of the gang making its last stand. The gang starts the game within 6 inches of the middle of the board. The zombies are placed randomly around the edge of the board.

The game is played as a series of waves. If all the zombies in a wave are destroyed then the next wave is deployed. At the end of each wave the gangs weapons are reloaded; one shot weapons can be used again and weapons that have run out of ammo are re-stocked. However weapon explosions are maintained from past waves. Continue playing until every member of the gang goes out of action.
Wave Bz az mz rz za Mz oz zA
1 5 1 0 1 0 0 0 0
2 10 2 0 2 1 0 0 0
3 15 3 0 3 2 0 0 0
4 20 4 1 4 3 0 1 1
5 25 5 2 5 4 1 1 1
6 30 6 3 6 5 1 1 1
7 35 7 4 7 6 2 2 1
8 40 8 5 8 7 2 2 2
9 45 9 6 9 8 3 2 2
10 50 10 7 10 9 3 3 2
11 55 11 8 11 10 4 3 2
12 60 12 9 12 11 4 3 3
13 65 13 10 13 12 5 4 3
14 70 14 11 14 13 5 4 3
15 75 15 12 15 14 6 4 3
16 80 16 13 16 15 6 5 4
17 85 17 14 17 16 7 5 4
18 90 18 15 18 17 7 5 4
19 95 19 16 19 18 8 6 4
bz= basic zombie, az=armoured zombie, mz=machine zombie, rz=red zombie, za=zombie animals, Mz= missile zombie, oz=Ogre Zombie, zA= Zombie Abomination


In this scenario a gang is trying to take over a zombie held territory. First the gang player should select which territory to invade. A number of loot counters equal to the Rare of the territory are placed at least 8 inches apart from each other by the Zombie player. The Zombie player then deploys all the Zombie populace at least 10 inches away from the entrance point of the gang. The zombies should be spread throughout the board not all in 1 place. The gang is then deployed within 6 inches of the entrance point.

Gang War


Gangers gain the following exp for each wound they score

Name Per Wound
Basic Zombie 2
Zombie Animal 2
Armoured Zombie 3
Machine Zombie 5
Red Zombie 12*
Missile Zombie 5
Ogre Zombie 5
Zombie Abomination 8

*only for kill, not wounds

Zombie Rare Trade table

Roll again
1-2 Power Sword
3. Executioner
4 Power Axe
5 Power Maul
6 Power Fist

Roll again
1. Bottle of Wild Snake
2. Icrotic Slime
3. Slaught Fixer
4. Spur Fixer
5. Stinger mold patch
6. Kalma Fixer

Roll again
1-3 Flack Armour
4. Mesh
5. Carapace
6. Combat shield

Roll again
1. Flame Grenade
2. Plasma Grenades
3. Needle Rifle
4. Needle Pistol
5. Weapon reload
6. One in a Million weapon

Roll again
1-2 mono sight
3. infra red sight
4-5. Telescopic sight
6. Archeotech

56 Zombie Blood

Roll again
1. Bionic Arm
2. Bionic Leg
3. Bionic Eye
4. Skull Chip
5. Grapnel
6. medi pack

(see outlaw and ganger trading post for costs and effect)

Fire Bombs
cost 30 credits

A flame grenade is used to set fire to a group of zombies. It can be fired in the same way as any other grenade and uses the small blast template. Zombies hit by a flame grenade take a strength 4 hit and can ignite in the same way as zombies hit by a flamer. This hit penetrates armour with an additional -1 modifier.

Combat Shield
Cost 40 + 2d6 credits
(see enforcers)

Zombie Blood
10 + 2d6 credits
A fighter can smother zombie blood on himself before a battle. For that battle the zombies use half their normal sniff range when trying to smell the fighter.

This skill table cannot be chosen by experience. It is only available by going out of action and rolling it.

Zombie Survival Skills table

1. Zombie Slayer
Removing the heads of zombies has become second nature and the fighter brutally dispatches those who attack him.
When in combat with zombies a roll of 4 on the Zombie Damage Table counts as a 6.

2. Steady aim
The fighter has learned to account for the shambling gait of zombies when firing at them, greatly increasing his accuracy.
When shooting at zombies a roll of 4 on the Zombie Damage Table counts as a 6.

3. Zombie filth
The fighter smothers zombie remains onto his equipment, clothing and skin; allowing him to move unnoticed by zombies.
Zombies use half their normal sniff range when trying to smell the fighter. If the fighter is also smeared with Zombie Blood then the sniff range of the zombies attempting to smell the fighter is quartered.

4. Bodies uncounted
The fighter has become used to being outnumbered by zombies and this holds no fear for him.
Zombies in combat with this fighter do not receive outnumbering bonuses. (such as collective fear or +1 for second combat)

5. Relentless slaughter
The fighter had to fight his way through a great tide of zombies to survive and the experience has allowed him to hack zombies into more manageable pieces.
When in combat with zombies the fighter can re roll 1 to wound dice each combat phase.

6. Forage
To survive going out of action this fighter had to eat whatever he could find; since then his taste in food has become increasingly wide…
The fighter does not have to pay upkeep.

Serious injuries chart (d66)

The fighter is killed in action and his body awakens to prey upon the living. All the weapons
and equipment carried by the fighter are lost. If your leader passes a leadership test then he grits his teeth and splatters the skull of the former gang member. If he fails this test then the zombie goes free and attacks the leader of your gang. The new zombie counts as a Red Zombie with whatever bionics and armour the dead ganger possessed. The Red Zombie counts as charging in the first round and they fight until either the zombie or the leader is dead. If the Zombie wins then he attacks a random member of your gang in the same way. This continues until the red zombie is killed. Any gang members killed by the zombie must roll on the serious injuries chart as normal.
The fighter is not dead but has suffered many serious
wounds. Roll a further D6 times on this chart. Re-roll
any ‘Zombified’, ‘Survival skill’ and ‘Full Recovery’ results.
The fighter has been badly wounded in the chest. He
recovers but is weakened by the injury and his
Toughness characteristic is reduced by -1.
The fighter has smashed a leg. He recovers from his
injuries but he can no longer move quickly. The fighter’s
Movement characteristic is reduced by -1. Randomly
determine which leg has been hurt.
The fighter has smashed one arm. Although he recovers
from his injury his strength is permanently reduced as a
result. The fighter’s Strength characteristic is reduced by
-1 when using that arm. Randomly determine which
arm has been hit. Bear in mind that some hand-to-hand
weapons use the fighter’s own Strength, eg swords.
A serious head injury leaves the fighter somewhat
unhinged. At the start of each game roll a D6 to
determine how he is affected. On a 1-3 the fighter is
dazed and confused – he is affected by the rules for
stupidity. On a roll of 4-6 the fighter is enraged and
uncontrollable – he is affected by the rules for frenzy.
The fighter survives but loses the sight of one eye.
Randomly determine which eye. A character with only
one eye has his Ballistic Skill reduced by -1. If the fighter
is subsequently blinded in his remaining good eye then
he must retire from the gang.
The fighter survives but is partially deafened as a result
of his injuries. An individual suffers no penalty if he is
partially deafened, but if he is deafened for a second
time he suffers -1 from his Leadership characteristic.
The fighter survives but is extremely nervous and jumpy
as a result of the traumatic injuries he has suffered. His
Initiative characteristic is reduced by -1.
Wounds to a hand result in the loss of D3 fingers.
Randomly determine which hand is affected. The
fighter’s Weapon Skill is reduced by -1. If a fighter loses
all five fingers on a hand then he may no longer use that
hand: he may not carry anything in it, and is unable to
use weapons that require two hands.
The fighter recovers but his old wound sometimes
affects his health. Roll a D6 before each game. On the
roll of a 1 the fighter’s old wound is playing up and he
is unable to take part in the forthcoming battle.
The fighter has been knocked unconscious or suffers a
mildly incapacitating wound from which he makes a full
Although he makes a full physical recovery, the fighter
has been psychologically scarred by his experiences. He
develops a bitter enmity for those that were
responsible for his injury. From now on, the fighter
hates the following (roll a D6).
1-3 All Zombies of the same type (such as basic zombies)
4-6 All Zombies from the type of area (such as Church)
Whilst on his way back to the gang the fighter was able to
make the most of the area in which he found himself. Add
one roll on the income of the territory in which the fighter went
out of action to the gangs income for the game.
The fighter recovers from his injuries but is left horribly
disfigured. His scarred and distorted features inspire
fear as described in the Advanced Rules section of the
The fighter recovers and is left with impressive scars as
testament to his bravery. Add +1 to the fighter’s
Leadership characteristic. This bonus applies only once,
further impressive scars have no additional effect.
The fighter regains consciousness alone in the darkness,
given up for dead by his companions and overlooked by
his enemies. Despite his injuries he fights his way
through the zombies and makes his way back
home. He recovers fully and his uncanny survival earns
him a roll on the Zombie Survival skill chart.

Starting a gang

Although great hordes of zombies engulfed the densely packed cities and hives of Sepulchre, individual survivors formed gangs and began fighting the zombies for control of essential supplies such as food and ammunition. You would assume that against such an obvious and widespread enemy gangs would unite together but this is rarely the case. If two gangs happen to meet there will almost certainly be a battle as both gangs try to take whatever the area has to offer.

A gang starts off with its home base in the wastes territory with 1000 credits worth of fighters and equipment. A gang can have no more then 2 heavies, must have 1 leader and there must be less then half the number of juves as gangers.

The following items are always common. Other items will be gained later on as loot or by controlling better territories.

Bolter 35
Plasma Pistol 25
Chainsword 25

Hand to Hand
Sword 15
Club 10
Flail 5

Auto Pistol 15
Bolt pistol 20
Las pistol 15
Stub pistol 10
Hand flamer 30

Basic Weapons
Shotguns 20
Autoguns 20
Lasguns 25

Special Weapons
Flamer 50
Melta gun 100
Plasma gun 70
Grenade Launcher 120

Heavy weapons
Heavy Stubber 120
Heavy Bolter 180
Auto cannon 300
Plasma cannon 285
Lascannon 350
Missile Launcher 185

Grenades, Missiles and ammo
Fire Bombs 30
Frag Grenades 30
Krak Grenades 50
Frag Missile 35
Krak Missile 115
Manstopper rounds 5
Bolt Rounds 12
Hot Shot Rounds 10
Dub Dub bullets 5
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