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Zombie Fans... Unite!

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Hey all! ive been noticing a lot of zombie related stuff lately. this gets me thinking, who on these boards is a zombie fan? fill these out and post em' below!

Zombie Movies Seen:

Zombie Books Read:

Other Various Zombie Stuff:

Whats Your Strategy for Surviving?:

Favorite Part of Zombie Stuff:
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Zombie Movies Seen: All of the living dead series(remade and originals), 28 days later, Undead, Return of the living dead 1
Favorite: Original Dawn of the Dead

Zombie Books Read: Reign of the dead 1&2, Zombie Survival Guide, All Flesh Must be Eaten, the book of all flesh series
Favorite: Zombie Survival Guide

Other Various Zombie Stuff: Bought Zombie models just because to use them in kill-team games.

Whats Your Strategy for Surviving?: Go to a prison after gathering up needed supplies. try to wait it out.

Favorite Part of Zombie Stuff: Post Apocalyptic Setting
I'm no zombie fan, but check out for some zombie related stuff.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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